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PEC / Premier Safety Management is a Louisiana-based company committed to providing its customers with high quality training and consulting services suited to their specific needs and in compliance with regulatory standards.
The South Texas Exploration and Production Safety Network, commonly known as the STEPS Network, promotes safety, health and environmental improvement in the exploration and production of oil and gas in South Texas. The STEPS Network fosters a work environment that relies upon open communication and trust.
MEDIC FIRST AID International is a worldwide innovator and leader in CPR/first aid emergency care training programs for business, industry, and the public. We have certified an international network of over 80,000 instructors, who have trained more than nine million first aid providers over the past 30 years. Our mission is to realize a goal shared by everyone at MEDIC FIRST AID: When someone is in need of emergency care, a trained provider is there, prepared to help and to respond confidently.
Wild Well Control is the world's leading provider of firefighting, well control, engineering, and training services based on Experience, Personnel, Services and Financial Strength.
A "Historically Underutilized Business" is an entity with its principal place of business in Texas, and is at least 51% owned by an Asian Pacific American, Black American, Hispanic American, Native American and/or American woman who reside in Texas and have a proportionate interest and demonstrate active participation in the control, operations and management of the entity's affairs.
The mission of the Houston Minority Business Council (HMBC) is to actively involve its members in efforts that will increase and expand business opportunities and business growth for minority business enterprises (MBEs)
The Corpus Christi Hispanic Chamber will continue to lead the charge and advocate for the growth of small, minority and women-owned businesses in South Texas. More than ever, small businesses have come to recognize the Hispanic Chamber as a place that represents their concerns and issues. As the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, we are here to serve the needs of business.
We provide services for the Health,
Safety, and Environmental issues of our

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In order to manage and maintain a quality HSE Program and keep in compliance with the laws of all applicable regulatory agencies, employers must implement a quality HSE Training Program.

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